Infant Development Playgroup

Infant Development Playgroup

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Infant Development Playgroup

New 5 week Series

As a parent, you are your child’s most important teacher. Guess what? You are also your baby’s first playmate! Babies thrive when they have just the right amount of challenge paired with positive emotional experiences. This is the power of developmental play. Join our Infant Development Playgroup and learn about how to support next steps in your baby’s development through everyday play. Most important- let’s have fun!

Newborns@play - Ages 0-4 Months

Do newborns play? You bet! In this foundations class, you will learn about developmental play during the first few months and ways to interact with your infant to support their healthy development and attachment formation. Activities will range from reading your infant's cues to how/when to do tummy time. This is a wonderful class for new parents with young infants!

Babies@Play - Ages 4-6 Months

This class is focused on play essentials for babies 4-6 months old. Parents and babies will embark on a journey of learning and discovering ways of playing together. This will include practical tips about supporting your baby's development through different ages and stages, as well as, understanding your baby's temperament and emerging personality.

*If you have previously taken
newborns@play you are welcome to join us for babies@play, please note however that while this will be geared towards an older age group; the handouts, structure, and activities will have overlap with newborns@play curriculum.  


- Discover play with your baby in a whole new way! Try out techniques that that are going to help support your baby’s development at each stage.

-Become skilled at reading your baby’s cues and responding in ways that will support healthy development as your baby grows.

Infant Attention & Regulation i.e. when to engage in play, what cues does your baby give that indicate readiness for play. Activities include discovering how your baby reacts to Sound, Touch, Visual Cues & Movement: Infant Massage, Music Time, Reading to young babies etc.

Subsequent groups will take a focus on different areas of development. Activities in each of these groups will be based on the area of development in focus that week

  • cognitive - cause and effect games (peek-a-boo, hidden displacement (hiding objects, or having objects to out of sight) etc
  • fine motor - Fine Motor: activities like picking up small pieces from an egg carton, pointing & poking (depending on age of group), hand manipulation i.e. taking things out, turning over, banging objects etc.
  • gross motor - Gross motor: Tummy time, floor time activities that stimulate motivation for achieving next stage of motor development
  • social emotional - final session will focus on what we know about relationships and play (face-to-face time, following infant's lead in play, praise in play). Activity during this group will likely revisit infant massage, movement and music etc.

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Every adult must register for a spot. Please choose a date from the drop-down menu above, and specify a quantity; For this class, "quantity" means how many adults will be attending. Therefore, a quantity of "2" will sign up you and your partner. You will not be charged for your partner at checkout. **Please call the store for Twin discount**

About Your Instructor:

Tessa Horst, MS, LCSW. areas of expertise:

Infant/Toddler-Parent Mental Health & Counseling
Developmental Assessment Ages 0-3
Preemie Development & Post-Hospitalization Support
Neuro-Sensory Development and Regulation
Infant-Parent Massage

Tessa has a practice in San Francisco, Infant Growth Group, providing infant development counseling to families with infants and toddlers. Tessa has extensive experience in early child development from her work in Early Start and post-graduate fellowship in infant-parent mental health. Tessa now splits her time between her private practice and working as a clinical supervisor at a local nonprofit. Tessa received her BA in Psychology from Middlebury College in Vermont and her MSW from Columbia University in New York.


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